booklender Review 2022 : Online Library

booklender Review 2022 :

Nowadays anything that can be bought is way too pricy. Buying things online or either offline has become heavily expensive because of inflation and other matters. Things that used to cost penny no worth’s dollars due to increasing prices. Now buying is always an good option as you might get the ownership of anything, plus you get full control how to use that particular thing , whether that product is damaged or not you wont need to answer any third party.

Due to this increasing inflation and human nature that might get bore quickly today buying is never an good option. Let it be any apartment or let it be any car lending is taking over the era where people used to be more comfortable with buying. So if people are getting comfortable with lending car to apartment why not lending books can be a great business model.

booklender Review 2022

There are millions of people who love to read books and most of people love to read books using a copy rather than any mobile device due to blue rays issue but reading a book is a one or two time thing and not such as person might be reading book everyday , So buying any book does not makes much sense . This is where booklender plays an important role.

booklender is one of book lending services where they have mass inventory of books which they lend over month time period with an subscription cost. Basically booklender is subscription based book lending services. Here at booklender you can read variety of books without actually owning them.

Features of booklender Website : booklender Review 2022

Lending Book :

At booklender you don’t actually need to buy any book but you can actually rent the book and change the book after a month once you are done reading.

Late Fees:

There are basically no late fees at booklender not even due date for any books lovers. So you can enjoy reading books without worrying about due date or late fees. You will be reminded over the mail about the due date over the email but you wont be further charged for the same.


So at booklender there are about 2 types of plans one of them is unlimited plan in which user can buy or order unlimited books as per as need with 50% off first month and another plan of booklender is Limited plan where you can receive limited number of books each month with 50% off first month.

Offers and Discounts :

booklender offers 50% discount for new user for their first month. Basically it can be considered as an trial mode for any user where you can use this discount as an opportunity to understand the quality of the books.

Audio Books :

booklender also provides the service of audio service where you can actually just listen the book without actually going through books. This is specially one of the best alternatives to read the book as it can give you the flexibility to perform multitasking.

Mp3-Cd’s :

booklender understands their customer base and hence is able to provide their services Via different modes one of its mode is via Mp3 cd. This can be also consider as very good alternative rather than going through pages which will over you flexibility of doing multitasking.

Pricing :

There are two types of plans which includes unlimited plans and limited plans which can be further explained below :

Unlimited plan pricing : booklender Review 2022

  1. Lending 2 books on monthly basis might cost you around $9.40, 2 books on semi anually basis might cost you around $109.99 and same package with yearly offer might cost you around $219.49 all this prices are for paperback plans and this is their one of the cheapest plan.
  2. Lending of 15 books at a time can be considered as one of their most pricy plan where it might cost you around $40.75 on monthly basis , $451.99 on semi yearly basis and $885.79 on yearly basis.
  3.  Cheapest lending of audio book at booklender might cost you around $12.40 monthly basis, $142.99 semi annually basis and $291.49 yearly basis which will offer you only 1 book at a time.
  4.  The most pricy plan under audio books is $51 where you can lend 6 books at a time, $582.99 where you can lend 6 books at a time semi annually , $1544.99 where you can lend 9 books on yearly basis.

Limited Plan Pricing : booklender Review 2022

  1. Under Limited plan the most cheapest plan for paper back might cost you around $5.25 which will offer you 2 books per month.
  2.  Under Limited plan the most pricy plan for paper back might cost you around $11.90 per month which will offer you 6 books at a time.
  3. Most Cheapest Audio books under limited plan might cost you around $7.25 per month which will offer you one book at a time.
  4. Most Pricy Audio books under limited plan might cost you around $15.50 per month which will offer you one book at a time.

Pros :

  • Booklender owns a huge variety of books
  • You can actually lend the book without owning one.
  • Lending a book might cost you as per as your plan.
  • Can cancel the subscription whenever needed.
  • There are no due charges or late fees which is just ice on the cake.

Cons :

  • The conditions of books might be not upto the mark
  • Buying multiple books might be much more costly because as its not possible to read 5 books in a month
  • Buying book which you have lend from booklender is a bit costly.
  • The library of books is not that large

Conclusion : booklender Review 2022

booklender is one of the coolest book lending subscription website which can lend you books per month by charging some cost but the condition of the books might not be that upto mark but if you are fond of loving books and condition of book doesn’t matter to you this is one of the great website for all the readers.

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