Canva Review 2022 : Features and Pricing

Canva Review 2022 :

Every product based company has to spent more cost on marketing rather than actual building the product. Circulating the product and making people know about the product and how to use that product ( if the product main working is Via B2C) is quite tough. This marketing cost might include right from just being visible to any potential customer to actually making them one of their customer also called as customer acquisition cost. Even we built a product at around 2021 which used to find offers stores nearby the customer location and one of the most challenging part we found was getting customer attention.

Right from Stickers and banner which were added to each our partner hotels we had to spent a lot of money to just get the attention of any potential client. Within the journey of building a product and distributing around the people we found that content is the main crisp. We can add as much as money we want to the marketing campaign but if our content was not to the point its was almost impossible to get persons attention and if there was no attention thus there was no interest and eventually failing our business model.

Now even after you have started creating great content , the software’s that were available in the market were heavy and needed installation. So in case if our System fails or gets damaged all our content is completely gone not only this but also the charges of these software’s were too high so the total cost just to create a simple image was the salary of designer, the cost of license of software which we were using to create images and even the systems because to run a heavy software you obviously need a very good configuration Computer. This was really painful and was very difficult to hold all the cost.

Canva Review 2022

This is where canva comes to help . we are not saying that our company succeeded, we eventually failed and closed there after but canva was savior to us. It Saved us lot of time and even any of our member was able to create content without thinking that much as many templates were available already. We used to directly copy any image from freepick and used to copy to the presentation tab of cavna website and boom after that just editing was the part left.

With right text and correct color were able to create more and fast content. Now the best part about canva was it was available online on canva website and thus we were able to access this website from anywhere and any device this was the power of canva. Long story short canva helped us to build more content faster and can be accessed from any device.

Canva Features : Canva Review 2022

Can Create Variety Of Content :

Name any kind of content let it be presentation or normal image that needs to be posted on social media all kind of images can be built on canva. Different type of content that can be built on canva is as follows:

  • Presentation
  • Posters
  • Certificates
  • Prints for Tshirts & Coffee
  • Thumbnail for your youtube video

The best part about canva is you can either use template or can start building content right from the scratch.

Templates :

Its actually one of challenging job to start from scratch and build any background image but canva has prebuilt templates that you can use and create your desired content on top of the template . canva website has library of around 50,000+ templates.

Photo Editing :

With number of feature available , photo editing is one of them and the most important one. You can add text to the image or either you can add color to the image.
You can add background color making it similar to your actual image and much more.

Drag and drop :

You can just drag and drop the elements that you need and start editing . You can even just copy any image that you need from the internet and paste it to canva and edit it further no need to actually download the image.

Export :

User can download the image to their local system by clicking on share button at the top of the screen.
Canva Review 2022

The image can be exported in multiple formats which can include JPG, PDF , PNG and much more. Below is the image to show different formats you can export your image to
Canva Review 2022

Pricing : Canva Review 2022

There are different versions of canva which decides the cost of the software as well.

Canva Free :

This is completely free and has no charge but here you can use Background remover , has almost 250,000 templates ,and just 5 GB cloud storage. As a newbie or just getting started with Canva this pretty cool deal , where you have nothing to loose and everthing to win.

Canva Pro :
This is paid and just above canva free version . This version might cost you around $12.99/month and $119.99/year this version might include the following :

  • 610,000+ free templates with update in designs everyday
  • 1TB of cloud storage
  • Available with Magic resize
  • Available with background remover.

Canva for teams :

This is the upgraded version of canva pro which will cost you around $14.99/month where only 5 people of your team can use it. This Version includes the following :

  • SSO available
  • ISO 27001 certification will be available
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Canva enterprise :

canva enterprise is another version above canva for teams. canva cost for enterprise is around $36/per month/per user.

Canva Review 2022 : Most Asked Questions 

how much is canva pro ?

Canva pro is just an upgraded version of canva free which offers variety of new features. Canva pro costs around $12.99/month and $119.00/Year.

how to remove background in canva ?

Removing background image using canva is possible in canva pro and not available in canva free. To remove the image from background you can follow the below steps .

1) Add the desired image to canva.
2) Click on edit image at the top right.

Canva Review 2022
3) At the right scrollable bar we can see Background remover(BG remover)click on it

Canva Review 2022
4) You background will be successfully removed.

Conclusion : Canva Review 2022

There are multiple tools which might cost you around the same but canva is one of the kind as its cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere any time. With millions of templates available online canva is changing the content creation game for all digital companies.

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