Capcut Reviews 2022 – Most Important Features

Capcut Reviews 2022 : To edit best videos in least amount of time is next to impossible using mobile the need of heavy software’s and best performing computer comes hand in hand while editing our video but capcut makes it easier.

With Capcut and capcut templates editing of videos with good transitions within least amount of time have become possible.

Capcut Reviews 2022

Know About Capcut :

Capcut is a video editing app which helps us to edit our raw footages taken via mobile camera and add several transitions and effects such as slow motion or fast forward, adding audio and templates also called as capcut templates.

Capcut is an application owned by bytedance which is from china . Byte dance is also known for owning tik tok which comes under same category.

Capcut app was previously known as bytedance but in december 2020 the app was renamed as Capcut which is now considered as the best app for video editing and comes under the list of best editing apps in mobile.

capcut logo is somewhat makes it stand out of all other apps where it looks like a bit funky and professional at the same time. If we try to have a deeper dive in capcut logo we might come to know that it somewhat resembles the hour glass and video camera at the same time.

Below we can find the Capcut Logo

Features of Capcut :

Adding Video: video from the mobile storage along with simple capcut templates can be and animations can be easily added inside capcut.

Follow the points to add your first video to capcut:

  1. Open the app and click on + icon which will have new project under it
  2.  You will be directed to the gallery of your mobile
  3.  Select the desired video( can select multiple if required ) and click on add.
  4.  Boom all selected video will be added to your time line
  5.  To add more videos to time line click on + icon at the left of your screen.

Adding Audio In Capcut:

The real essence of any video or vlog is the music. Great music can make video seems really interesting and also gives clarity where and when transitions should happen. Capcut has the feature where user can add audio from there own gallery.

Follow the points to add audio to capcut:

prerequisites : The video is already added to your time line with all attributes arranged

  1.  click on audio button at bottom or either add audio button below the screen.
  2.  click on extract button so that we can extract only audio from video.
  3.  trim it as per as your need
  4.  Wollah, we have audio added to our first music video.

Adding Text In CapCut:

Texts added to the videos can actually make the video seem really interesting. Apple’s Dont blink marketing campaign actually shows the power of adding text to the video and how it can  grab the attention of end user and makes it possible to show the user what message needs to be given via our video.

Follow the points to add text to the capcut app:

prerequistes : The video is already added to your time line.

  1. Click on the text icon at the bottom and select add text.
  2.  Enter the text or message as desired in your video
  3.  Now just below the screen we can see style tab where we can add the style to our text and also opacity.
  4.  Under the effects tab different type of effects can be added to the text.
  5.  Under animations tab we can add different types of animations to our text message in capcut app.

Capcut Templates :

Capcut Templates are nothing but some predefined effects which we can utilize and add our images/video accordingly to utilize those templates.

Follow the points to add Cacput Templates to your video:

prerequisites : You must have tik tok already installed to your mobile

  1.  Search and open the tik tok app inside your mobile.
  2.  Inside tik tok search for capcut templates.
  3.  Click on use template in Capcut.
  4.  App will open the capcut template and then click on use template
  5.  Select on Allow.
  6.  Add videos/Images as desired from your end.
  7.  Your clips/Images will be merged with those Capcut Template.

Overlay  In Capcut :

Overlay basically means to add any other animation of any template to our video which will act as an background or can play at the bottom of main video. The main important aspect while using overlay feature of capcut is that , the animation and our original videos time line must match.

Using Overlay in capcut:

  1.  Open your capcut app and add the desired video
  2.  after selecting the video click on back arrow which will be visible to you at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3.  Overlay option will be visible to you, now click on overlay and add desired animation as needed.
  4.  Then resize the overlay based on the size of your screen.
  5.  Click on splice Button which will be available at the bottom of the screen and select the effect as desired.
  6.  After selecting the effect now you can change the opacity at the same time

Most Asked Queries : Capcut Reviews 2022

how to use green screen on capcut:

1) Click on overlay from the bottom of the app and select the green screen you have recorded.

2) select the video and click on chroma key and maximize the intensity.

3) Boom the green screen effect has been added to your video.

how to do velocity on capcut:

Velocity is something to add funky effects to your video. Lets see how can we achieve it in Capcut application:

1) Open the video and click on speed then click on normal and slow down the speed as needed.

2) Now Export the video which we just have slowed down.

3) Add the slowed down video and add the raw videos audio to it.

4) Click on audio and the click on match cut and select auto generate.( Make very sure we are going to select beat 2 )

5) Select the beat where effects need to be added and split that part of video.

6) Select the splited video and select speed , choose curve and keep it to flash in. Repeat spet 6 for all beats that you need.

7) Select the splited video and add a key frame while increasing the exposure for each splitted video/

8) Boom we have velociy added to each beat in your video

how to do slow mo on capcut:

Slow motion adds just some spice to your video which can make your videos booming hot. Lets see how can we do slow motions in capcut:

1)Select the video and then click on speed and select curve.

2) Select custom curve

3)Play with dots to move it at downwards direction to slow your video

how to blur on capcut:

Sometimes some information we don’t need to show in our video in such times blur effect would save your time.

1) Copy the video again for which we have to add blur effect.

2) Click on Overlay button at the bottom of the app and select the first video.

3) Click on effects and select the blur effect and align it according to video.

4) Click on overlay track and select mask and then select circle to blur a particular object.

Conclusion : Capcut Reviews 2022

There are numerous apps available on app store which can do editing of the videos , but the capcut app covers all major effects and functions that an heavy laptop or desktop software can carry out but with less intensity.

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