CarMax Review 2023 : How to remove carmax stickers ?

CarMax Review 2023 :

What is Carmax?

CarMax Inc. is an America used-car retailer which is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, United States. An American consumer electronics retails company developed concept for CarMax. It was developed using the code name called “Project X” alongside it was also called “Honest Rick’s Used Cars” for nearly a year during 1991.

CarMax Review 2023

The first CarMax retail location was opened in Richmond, Virginia in September, 1993.   The company acquired its first new car franchise with Chrysler in the year 1996.

By 1999, new vehicle franchises were added for Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan.  On October 1, 2002, CarMax officially split from Circuit City. By 2021, the only CarMax new vehicle dealership that remained was a Toyota store. The company operates through the various business segments such as: Sales Operations,Auto Finance, Service and Auctions.

Who owns CarMax?

CarMax is a publicly listed company with few key people. Initially, it was owned by founder of the parent company Circuit City.Bill Nash is chief executive officer and president of CarMax, the largest retailer of used cars in United States at more than 230 retail locations and more than 30,000 associates, customer experience centres, CarMax Auto Finance (CAF) and corporate locations. Mr. Nash oversees all aspects of the business including technology, strategy, marketing, finance, operations, and human resources. He is passionate about providing both associates and customers with an exceptional, iconic experience, and has accelerated the company’s growth while maintaining a people-first culture grounded in CarMax’s values.

Rest key members of CarMax includes:

  • Jim Lyski – EVP Chief Marketing officer
  • Shamim Mohammad – EVP Chief Information and Technology officer
  • Diane Cafritz- EVP General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Enrique Mayor- Mora – EVP Chief Financial Officer
  • Jon Daniels – SVP CarMax Auto Finance
  • Darren Newberry – SVP, Store Operations
  • Joe Wilson – SVP, Store Strategy and logistics



Features of CarMax: CarMax Review 2023

Carmax provides facilities to shop, sell/trade cars online. Repair and maintenance are one of the service options offered by CarMax.

They have list of their stores around United Stated mentioned on the website where you can find and contact CarMax store nearest to you.

One can book an appointment with CarMax or its trusted partners.

There’s CarMax auction every week that achieves 97-100% of sales rate.

User can also get financed from CarMax directly using CarMax’s CarMax Auto finance. Millions of buyers have been financed through CarMax. Also, the best part is that it is it does not affects your credit score.

One of the services provided also includes Home delivery of the vehicle!

How to remove CarMax sticker?

Carmax sticker can be safely removed at home in few simple steps: CarMax Review 2023

If the sticker is on the bumper, window, or directly on the paint,following method will get it off without harming your vehicle.

Plus, all you need are just three household products:

  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Paper towels
  1. Soak a paper towel in white vinegar, then lay it over the sticker. Let it sit and soak for five minutes.
  2. Remove the paper towel and try to peel off the sticker. Start at one of the corners and slowly pull it away.
  3. If it’s still stuck, place the vinegar-soaked paper towel over the sticker for five more minutes.
  4. Once the sticker is removed, rub the area with a vinegar-soaked paper towel to remove any remaining adhesive.
  5. Then, rub the area down with water to remove the vinegar.

If you followed these steps, your car should be sticker-free and clean!

What time does carmax open : CarMax Review 2023

CarMax is available for test drives 24*7 and also has 30 days money back return policy.

How many carmax locations are there : CarMax Review 2023

As mentioned on the website, there are 239 CarMax stores across the United States.

All carmax locations

  • Alabama – 5 Stores
  • Arizona – 5 Stores
  • California- 31 Stores
  • Colorado – 6 Stores
  • Connecticut – 3 Stores
  • Delaware – 1 Store
  • 24 stores.
  • 12 stores.
  • Idaho -1 Store
  • Illinois – 10 stores
  • Indiana – 3 stores
  • Iowa – 1 Store
  • Kansas – 2 stores
  • Louisiana – 5 stores
  • Maine – 1 store
  • Maryland – 8 Stores
  • Massachusetts – 4 stores
  • Michigan – 1 store
  • Minnesota – 2 stores
  • Mississippi – 3 stores
  • Missouri – 4 stores
  • Nebraska – 1 store
  • Nevada – 4 stores
  • New Hampshire – 1 store
  • New Jersey – 4 stores
  • New Mexico – 2 Stores
  • New York – 4 Stores
  • North Carolina – 12 stores
  • Ohio – 6 Stores
  • Oklahoma – 3 Stores
  • Oregon – 3 Stores
  • Pennsylvania – 5 stores
  • Rhode Island – 1 store
  • South Carolina – 4 Stores
  • Tennessee – 10 stores
  • Texas – 24 stores
  • Utah – 1 store
  • Virginia – 11 Stores
  • Washington – 5 Stores
  • Wisconsin – 4 stores

Pros and Cons : CarMax Review 2023

Pros include:

  1. You can find the car you want at any store across United States and get it transferred to your local place in US itself for minimal fee.
  2. Each car has a complimentary 30 days warranty.
  1. There is no pressure/nohaggling buying experience.
  2. CarMax holds a high standard to the quality of cars on their inventory – they only stockwell-maintained clean vehicles
  3. Cars located at some other CarMax locations within 250 miles can be transferred for free
  4. Financing is available for all cars they sell.
  5. Test drive can be taken around 24 hours!
  6. They also provide vehicle history report for free!
  7. If someone is willing to sell car, express pickup option is available.
  8. Co- buyer can be added to financing options


  • If you’re at the selling end, trade-in offers are typically low like you’re much better if you sell your car by yourself rather than trading it in at CarMax.
  • Transfer fees of the car are not included in the sales price.
  • Sales associate won’t know so much details about the car afterall they are selling used cars so its impossible for them to be experts in some single brand.
  • If you pay to have a car transferred and you choose not to buy it, then that paid amount is not refundable.

Conclusion : CarMax Review 2023

Concluding, CarMax avails customer the ability to buy used cars completely on their terms either online or instore or boundless combination of both! Its best if you’re on the buying end as everything seems pretty best offered from CarMax’s end!

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