Cred Review 2022 : Latest Review

Cred Review 2022 :

The goal was really simple to achieve. The goal was to provide a precise and better stage for life. Kunal Shah felt that those with excellent FICO assessments deserved additional rewards and privileges. Additionally, creating a flywheel effect for extra people was necessary to improve the results.

Everyone has focused on the majority, from brand-new businesses to the government. The organization’s planner required to concentrate specifically on people, on the competent locals who bear burdens willingly. He believed that no one had ever addressed their issues previously.

Cred Review 2022

If you look at history, nobody has ever been rewarded for making payments on time. that must be addressed .Cred was afterwards established primarily to address the concerns of the people and, in turn, to reward them with appealing rewards.

How Does Cred Works on reward Based System :

Credit as a notion is not a brand-new idea. Since the beginning of time, people have chosen to use credit. When our capital cannot support a certain venture, borrowing is essential, and credit cards have certainly made it simple to access. However, paying the credit card bills is an important and challenging responsibility. This is why Cred made the decision to develop the novel idea of a platform that will assist Indians in making on-time credit card payments and provide them with immediate offers and benefits

Founder’s Story : Cred Review 2022

Cred’s founder and CEO is Kunal Shah. He is an Indian businessman who is credited with starting new businesses a second time. Kunal earned a degree in philosophy from Wilson College before deciding to pursue an MBA at the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. However, he left the programme in the middle to follow his entrepreneurial dreams. Along with Sandeep Tandon, Kunal began his entrepreneurial career with paisaback, a website allowing users to receive cashback, vouchers, and other gifts.

However, he ultimately stopped it from operating so that you could see freecharge , which the pair founded in 2010. In April 2015, Snapdeal purchased Freecharge, but the business continued to operate as a separate organization under Shah’s leadership. Cred was founded in 2018 and, as of April 6, 2021, it had grown to become a unicorn. However, Freecharge was eventually acquired by Axis Financial Group in July 2017. Here we will look at the Freecharge business version and the way it generates revenue. Kunal Shah has been changed to 1983 Mumbai birth. His hobbies include playing chess and poker for money. He enjoys eating guacamole and chips. He adores G. B. Shaw’s performances and Socrates’ philosophy.

Cred Plan of Action : Cred Review 2022

Cred’s action plan is divided into four sections:

The Cred application is a flawlessly designed and presented application that customers may access if they want to review the offers that are available after they have paid their Visa bills. They may surely sign up for the app and check all of the discounts that they can take advantage of.

Companies that provide offers on the application – Cred’s customers can also find a tone of offers from different companies. Cred collaborates with these organizations and has them installed for this. It is a win-win situation for the businesses as well as assisting Cred and its clientele, who can benefit from the exclusive deals provided by the organizations. This is due to the fact that they also greatly profit from the perception they receive.

Customers who use Cred to pay their Visa payments – Cred also serves as a convenient and rewarding platform for customers who use it to pay their Mastercard bills. Customers can choose Cred as an application to pay their Mastercard bills and receive various offers and benefits, as opposed to banking or other applications. However, users who enjoy the service also recommend Cred to their loved ones.

Cred Mint: Cred Review 2022

On August 20, 2021, Cred unveiled a brand-new component called Cred Mint. This shared lending platform is designed to help Cred customers lend their dormant funds to trustworthy people. A rather simple interaction only allows the trustworthy Cred people boasting a respectable FICO rating of 750 or higher to be the borrowers. The charge that the loan specialists have accrued for the time period also allows them to withdraw their money whenever they need to.

Cred-Income Analysis : How cred raises money

There are two obvious methods via which Cred raises money:

Posting goods and deals – As we probably all know, Cred keeps track of a wide range of goods and deals that benefit its clients from a variety of businesses. As a result, these organizations are charged by Cred for being perceived. Cred generates a payment through it each time a client takes advantage of the offers.

Utilizing the clients’ financial information is just the beginning. Cred collects the financial data from clients who use the platform to manage their payments. In addition to providing Cred with the prospective opportunity to introduce new offers to their clients using these facts, Cred also has various banks and financial foundations that charge them a fee for access to these information. In the end, these businesses, banks, and financial institutions would go toward the anticipated clients with their own assortment of goods altered as they would want.

Cred has found that there are no fees associated with the Visa instalment options it provides through its application. With the aid of its development and distribution stages, the organization instead gets its income from the auxiliary services it offers.

Cred – Income and Development : How Cred Earns

Cred has consistently improved throughout time. Being a firm founded in 2018, it actually became a member of the unicorn club on April 6, 2021, when it closed its Series D round, in which it had profited by $215 million. According to Kunal Shah’s April 2021 explanation, Cred regularly controls “22% of all Mastercard instalments in India.” After a $200 million funding round, Cred’s valuation increased to $6.5 billion annually starting in 2022.

On July 10, 2021, Kunal Shah added to his LinkedIn profile and revealed details of the accomplishments attained by Cred in the protracted month of June:

Cred Review 2022

Cred Mint :

On August 20, 2021, Cred introduced Cred Mint, a distributed loaning feature that may be used by Cred customers. Cred Mint has been launched by Cred in collaboration with Liquiloans, a P2P NBFC that has received RBI support.

With the addition of this component, Cred users can now lend money to Cred’s trustworthy users at predetermined financing rates. Cred Mint can be used to lend money to one more trustworthy client to help them get about 9% of each credit. However, it is also stated that clients with fair FICO assessments may be able to get Cred Psyche.

With the upcoming acquisition of Chennai-based booze delivery startup HipBar, Cred may soon enter the wallet instalments market. In order to make the procurement possible and afterwards obtain the PPI permission, organizer Kunal Shah and his sibling aggressively joined the HipBar board. The purchase of Hipbar was completed on October 21, 2021.

Trust Store :

Cred introduced Cred Store, an eCommerce site that offers clients over 500 quality goods across numerous categories, making it a shopping heaven.

Cred, formerly known as a credit card bill management, now has additional services available, such as mobile, DTH, and FAST tag recharging choices. According to the most recent news from April 1, 2022, the Kunal Shah-led company has started its utility bill payments division, enabling users to pay their utility bills, such as electricity, water, and municipal tax, through the Cred app.


Pros and Cons Of Cred : Cred Review 2022

Pros of Using Cred :

  • User friendly
  • Great Cashbacks
  • UPI Scanner Available
  • Can make payment to all types of services
  • Can See credit score
  • Shows hidden charges

Cons Of Using Cred :

  • Continuous WhatsApp reminders about payment
  • Is not applicable for people having credit score below average
  • Gives you the illusion of having money


Conclusion : Cred Review 2022

Cred is a great app that helps you to built credit score and also provides the functionality of checking the credit score and have great app and services available , maintaining the cards also can be easily managed using cred

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