Ebay Review 2023 : How to cancel a bid?

Ebay Review 2023 :

Ebay, formerly known as AuctionBey was founded by Pierre Omidyar post Labour Day weekend at home. He spent that weekend writing code on his personal computer. It is an online shopping website which is best known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. According toEbay website there are 1.7B of live listings,135M have active buyers and have nearly 190 markets around the world. Pierre first listed laser printed for $1.For an entire week, there were no takers, later bidders began weighing and driving the price of the battered printer up to $14.83.

Ebay Review 2023

Fast forward to 25 years, history has proven that Omidyar was right. According to start-up statistics eBay has a 3.5% market share among retail e-commerce companies in the United States as of June 2022.

Ebay Review 2023

As clearly one can see Amazon is leading the market with 37.8% followed by Walmart who has 6.3% and Apple with 3.9%.

Features of eBay : Ebay Review 2023

  • If someone is willing to buy or sell on eBay, registration is must but the process is free.
  • eBay is one of the most popular ways to sell and buy goods and services on the internet. It’s an e-commerce website where individuals and businesses can buy or sell new or second-hand items, from books and clothes to cars and holidays.

Particularly shopping related features provided by eBay:

Ebay Review 2023

  • Shopping cart: which is pretty common feature these days, turned out very crucial when eBay first introduced it. The shopping cart can make the buying of multiple items on eBay much easier since one can pay for all of the items on a single click-through at the end of the purchasing process.
  • Bill Me Later and eBay Bucks: The Bill Me Later program is basically a zero-down credit line, something like an in-store credit card, for those that like to make purchases this way. The eBay Bucks is a feature program that provides cash back for eBay purchases; if you shop a lot on eBay and aren’t using your eBay bucks, you’re leaving money on the table.
  • The eBay wish list: As you view products in catalogue of eBay (by using the “Products & Reviews” tab), one can find a link at the lower-left of any page to add the item to your eBay wish list. Like an Amazon wish list, an eBay wish list is a place where you can gather together a list of things you’d like to own. To view your wish list and have the opportunity to make it public or share it, visit yourprofile on My eBay, then view the items you’re currently watching. On the left side of the watched item, you’ll find a link to your “Wish List” in the “Lists” category.
  • Watchlist: There’s a button on the eBay screen on the top list of the listed item. Its available just beside the product as well as shown in the picture below. It is an option where one can add the product of their choice that a person wishes to buy whenever the prices of the listed item go down when there’s some offer going on the listed product during the sale. So, one can keep an eye on the product’s fluctuating price and get it at a reasonable cost later some time.

Ebay Review 2023


  • Share listing: There’s a button on the upper right side of the any eBay listed product. titled as “Share”. On clicking on Share button, sharing options appear as shown below:

Ebay Review 2023

Ebay Review 2023

Crazy items sold on eBay : Ebay Review 2023

  • In 2006, William Shatner sold kidney on eBay for $25,000!
  • Some 10yr old kid tried to sell her Granny on her!
  • Town of Albert, Texas was also sold on eBay!

How to cancel eBay order : Ebay Review 2023

            To cancel an eBay order, you can initiate cancel request or ask the seller if they can cancel it for you. The request for cancellation of the order can either be accepted or denied. In order to contact the seller, follow the steps:

  • If you wish to cancel order that has been placed within the last hour and the seller has not shipped yet, then you can initiate the cancel request by following the below steps:

1.Navigate to Purchase History and find the order you want to cancel.

2.Select “More Actions” in the dropdown menu and select “Cancel this order”.

3.Click on Submit.

eBay will send request to the seller and ask to accept or reject the cancellation request within 3 calendar days. If the request has been accepted by the seller, confirmation of cancellation will be sent to both seller’s and buyer’s registered email address and also to their eBay messages.

  •  If you wish to cancel order that has been placed for more than an hour:

1.Navigate to Purchase History and find the order you want to cancel.

2.Select “More Actions” in the dropdown menu and select “Contact Seller”.

3.Choose “Request to Cancel this order” then later “Contact Seller”

4.Write an explanation to the respective seller about why you need to cancel order, and select “Send”.

My eBay orders history purchase : 

Purchase history is the central place to manage your eBay orders. You simply select the “More actions” dropdown menu next to one of your purchases to see a list of options, including Contact seller and return this item. You can find all your previous orders from past 3 years in your Purchase history. In Purchase History, you can go return an item, view order details or to pay for your purchases.

How does eBay bidding work for sellers : 

In an auction-style listing, put out a starting price and then you bid against other buyers. Bidding on an eBay is considered as a great way to get the item you want, at a bargained price. Also, a major point to remember, a bid is nothing but a binding contract. When you bid on an item in an auction, you’re committing to buy it if you win!

How to retract bid on eBay : 

If there has been any mistake while bidding on an item, you can retract your bid in certain circumstances.

How to cancel a bid : 

If you need to cancel a bid follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to Canceling bids placed on your listing.
  2. Enter the item number, the username of the member whose bid you’re cancelling, and the reason you’re cancelling the bid.
  3. Select Submit.

Or, you can also select the Cancel a bid button.

Learn how to sell on eBay for beginners:

You would need to create a seller account for which the country you’re registering from should be listed.

Further listing needs to be and once its done, good to go for selling!  Follow the link below for more details:


How to activate eBay gift card

  1. To redeem eBay gift card, you need to be logged in to your eBay account.
  2. Enter the redemption code by scratching gift card and putting on the checkout page.
  3. If any balance is remaining, it will stay on your card till your next eBay purchase.

eBay gift card scams

Scammer might contact via email, phone or text saying they need a quick sale on urgent basis and might ask you to buy eBay gift card and send you the gift-card code as payment. To protect yourself from the scam read details on this link:


Pros and Cons : Ebay Review 2023

  • Pros include reaching vast amount of audience, sell anything and everything and gain new customers.
  • Cons are that there are some rules and restrictions, much competitions in niches and seller fees.

Conclusion : Ebay Review 2023

eBay has been a great auction based e-commerce website where anyone can open account for free and sell anything and everything and one has to pays the fee once the listed item has been sold which makes it more seller friendly as well!

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