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Figma Review 2022 :

Every online store needs website no matter whatever the size or inventory. Most of people running business wish to have their website online so that customer can easily find them and they are always available in eyes of customer. After the pandemic every physical store were to shut down to stop the spread further of corona virus and all the small business with little or 0 internet presence did eventually shut down permanently.

Now the company even the small one’s which are available online did make business , not only did they sustain they even profited consistently. People with software engineers degree got higher packages and that’s only possible when companies actually makes money.

So every other small companies and multi-national companies started booming and quadrupled their growth and the only reason why was they had their business completely online. Even though the pandemic the most unaffected company was amazon which is largest ecommerce platform. So people with small business understood one thing is that sustaining in the long run needs online presence via Instagram, Facebook and other formats where people can see their product and in order to buy the product they need to visit the website.

Creating a website right from designing and whole automation is very costly process and not very affordable if you cant convert the business out of it. There are tools available like WordPress which can be used but designing the website which can actually attract people is a tough one .

Figma Review 2022 

This is where figma can help you a lot. Figma is an online tool available where you can design the website as per as you need and then html code is auto generated at the backend which can be given to any developer and he can further write code using JavaScript or either php in order to add validations and connecting your website to the server.

Hence Figma is a powerful tool used to design websites , its available in mac os and Windows. Figma was found in 2012 by Dylan Field and Evance Wallace which focused on the fact that any body should be able to design the website right from their browser , figma was publicly released on 27th September ,2016.

Features of Figma 2022 : Figma Review 2022 

Copy and Paste :

If you have any button or any logo whose properties has to be copied from one page to another thats possible using figma. Inside Figma you can just copy the properties of any button that you need and paste it to another page. Steps to do copy and paste in figma are as follows:

  •  Right Click on any button that you want to copy
  •  Select copy properties
  •  Paste it to any another page that you desire

That’s how copy and paste in figma can save your time.
Along with copy it also has multi-Paste also called as super paste where you can copy the properties from one attribute that can be button or anything and then paste it multiple pages at a time.

Calculation Inside Fields :

Now to resize any attribute inside figma is not much of big trouble with correct dimensions any element can be easily placed which might look perfect but there are some times where user might want that this image needs to be the half the size of complete website and accurately dividing the image is quite tough.

So instead you can just select the image or anything you want to resize at the right side we can see there is a design subtab which might have group section. This group section will have fields which includes height, width of the selected element and by adding, dividing & multiplying the number user can adjust the size of image. In order to use this feature follow the below steps:

  1.  Select the image that needs to be resized.
  2.  At the right column under design sub tab there is a section of group.
  3. This section might includes fields which are used to resize the element.
  4. Add any calculation to it and you will be able to see the image changes accordingly

Bulk Rename :

If there are multiple buttons or either there are multiple fields that needs to be renamed at once with same this is where Bulk Rename features becomes handy. Under this feature you can select multiple elements at the same time and can rename them at once.
Following are the steps to use Bulk Rename functionality :

  1. Select all the elements that you need to rename.
  2. Click on ctrl+R in windows and command+R in Mac.
  3. You will get a popup where you can rename the elements as per as your needs.

Simple hand off :

Suppose you are a developer and all you want is some one to design website for you. Inside Figma everything that can be designed generates an html code along with it. The beauty of it is any developer can understand the code and simply write the logic as per needed. This is one of the best feature of figma that helps you to hand off the complete control with beautiful design.

Our personal Experience Using Figma and Review :Figma Review 2022 

We have been developing websites from a long time and have experience of developing around 20+ websites to our customer. In Early stages we used to use WordPress templates in order to built websites but the template was always not that flexible .

We were not able to completely re-model the UI as per as our need and customer had to some what sacrifice leading to the bargain of the prices for developing the websites. From Last 2 years we are using figma tool to design websites , surely it has added us some work to write the backend logic but increased our revenue as well and also the customer never had to adjust because the designs can be done as per as the customer.

The thing we didn’t like about Figma :

Figma is absolutely great tool but the problem is inside windows OS the systems lags a bit and also for testing you might probably need third party tools. One another thing is we think figma should have is a free version where you can at least get started with all the tools to understand the power of figma but figma has free version but it has only 3 figma jam files hence can be considered as not free hence you need to absolutely make sure you have a designer who has experience in figma else it will be a waste because designer might need to learn it as well if he is newbie to figma.

figma pricing : Figma Review 2022 

Figma has a free version of software where it will just provide you with 3 figma jam files with version history only available of 30 days. There is also proffesional and Organization Version in which professional might cost you around $12/per month /Per editor and Organization will cost you around $45/per mon/per Editor.

Most Asked Questions : Figma Review 2022 

how figma canva ?
Understanding the working of both its very clear that figma is used in order to design the website and canva is used to built content . So you can use canva created image inside figma by just creating canva picture and upload the same to figma. Both are different built with different goals.

how to crop in figma ?

  1. Select the layers and the elements you would like to consider.
  2. There would be a fill section where you will be able to find image thumbnail click on it.
  3. Select the fill mode drop down from the top-left corner and then click on crop.

how to undo in figma ?
Just click on ctrl+z in case of windows and in case of IOS click on the undo button at top-left corner of the screen.

Conclusion : Figma Review 2022 

Figma is a great tool that can single handedly help you built great and very attractive websites but before going for figma make sure you are going to use MAC and you have your designer equipped with figma already.

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