Fl Studio Review 2022 : Music re-engineered

Fl Studio Review 2022 :

In the previous era music was only produced using drums, guitar or actual instruments so basically what we mean is that previously music was produced only via actual real instruments and its very difficult to learn all the instruments in case if you are thinking to produce your own music. People expert in certain instruments needs to be hired to create the music as per as needed. Now in this new era we can create music just with the help of laptop and there is absolutely no need of actual instrument ( well you actually need some sense of music that can only come by actually playing any certain instruments) all different types of instruments available in market can be played within your laptop just with few clicks.

There are numerous software which can be installed on our system and can be used to create your music but before every thing we personally think that you need to have some sense of music or at least need to be able to play piano or else learning EDM also called as electronic dance music would be very difficult but don’t you worry with time you will surely get the hang of it.

One of the best software to product EDM is Fl studio which is also called fruity loops studio where you can learn EDM. One of the renowned music producer Martin garix used to used FL studio . This is the same software where Martin garix’s Animals was track was produced which was mega hit and was turning point of his carrier as music producer and Dj.


Fl Studio Review 2022 

Features of Fl Studio : Fl Studio Review 2022

Audio Recording :

In Fl studio all the plugins provided by them are kind of programmatic hence also sound a bit computerized but just to add the human like twist you can add the recording of instrument played by you or either you can directly record from fl studio and use it inside your system which can be further harmonized as per also your need.

Instruments :

The best part of using these kind of software’s is that you don’t need to learn zillions of instrument just to produce music. Even if you have bit knowledge and experience in piano or either have your ears trained you can easily use all the instruments which are also called as plugin inside Fl studio.

Exporting :

There are multiple software’s available online which can be used for music production and suppose if you built a beat on fl studio and want to further edit that beat inside Ableton you can do that Inside Fl studio. Inside Fl studio you can create a beat and easily export it back to your system in Mp3 format.

Plugins :

In order to use any instruments inside Fl studio there are hundred’s of plugins available right from normal piano to a strumming guitar. One of my personal favorite plugin is Nexus.

Importing :

As vice versa to importing if you ever wish to import any sound that has been recorded by you and want to import to fl studio , even that’s possible.

Operating Systems Support : Fl Studio Review 2022

Fl Studio Supports in 2 operating system one of them is IOS and other in windows . Nowadays fl studio also started supporting on android where you can create music any where and anytime as per as your convenience

Most Asked Question : Fl Studio Review 2022

how to record on fl studio ?

Best part about Fl studio is that you can directly record your studio audio and easily use it for futher use inside Fl Studio.
Following steps can be performed in order to record inside Fl Studio :

1) Select the channel from where you want to record.

Fl Studio Review 2022

2) Move to the insert section at right of the channels .
3) Near audio logo where we can see none click on it and select input 1.

Fl Studio Review 2022
4) Then select the part of main track and click on record logo at the top(Can be found just at the right of play button)

Fl Studio Review 2022
5) then click on play button , now whatever you might say to your mike will be recorded.

Fl Studio Review 2022



how to update fl studio ?
So when fl studio have any update available as soon as you open it you might get a prompt with a download button , that button will take you to the official website of fl studio where you can download the latest fl studio.

Considering that you might have clicked and navigated to website of fl studio follow the following Steps:

  1.  It will show you upgraded version for windows and Mac.
  2.  Click on download arrow in windows( In case you are using windows )
  3.  The new fl studio file will be downloaded now install that software so that now new version of fl studio has been downloaded.
  4.  As you have installed new version now go to help from the top bar inside Fl studio.
  5.  Click on About at the bottom and you will get a prompt to enter password and email.

This way you can login to your old account with newer version of fl studio

how to use keyboard as piano in fl studio ?

You can easily use your laptop keyboard as piano and it can give output by just clicking on any key of your laptop. All you have to click on an keyboard icon at the top which is shown in image at the bottom.

Fl Studio Review 2022

My Personal Experience : Fl Studio Review 2022

I have been using Fl studio from last 6 years, though the version that i have been using of fl studio is Fl studio 12 its able to do amazing job and somewhat has developed music sense and trained my ears a lot. Honestly i don’t know how to play any instrument and even didn’t knew back then but by working with fl studio and playing around , within 6 months i was able to at least understand and replicate music just by listening to it .

This was huge think for me because i was able to accurately create same melody as i used to listen . Learning melody is one of the most crucial thing because it can be considered as base or heart of any music. Next as i kept on working and played along i started learning how to create pads , leads, beats and can now produce complete end to end track . For first 3 years i was able to replicate the music i used to listen and there after i started creating my own track. honestly I’m not that good producer but i am able to get the job done.

Fl studio has been a major contributor in my journey of understanding music . With its variety of plugins you hardly will be ever bored with fl studio and missing and mastering tools like EQ and EQ2 are even very interesting . Today I’m able to play guitar and even piano(i have never even practiced Piano) just by listening to music and hence i can say fl studio is a great software while learning music or either just want to edit and music.

Conclusion : Fl Studio Review 2022

There are many software’s available that can help you to get started with music production and there has been always a debate whether fl studio is better or Ableton , well multiple videos and reviews says that all of them have their flaws and benefits but i personally have used Fl studio much and loved it a lot.

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