Lyft Review 2023 : better than uber?

Lyft Review 2023

What exactly is Lyft?

Lyft is the best transportation company that offers mobility as a service. It can make your life more comfortable with its intelligent services like ride-hailing, automobiles for hire, Motorized scooters, bicycle-sharing systems, car rentals, and food delivery services. If you are a US or Canadian resident you can avail of this service. The Lyft collaboration with many vehicle owners acts as a booking point for automobile proprietors.

Lyft Review 2023

The booking service is from a commission system. Being the second largest ride-sharing service, Lyft can offer a quick choice for commuting anywhere. You can schedule your journey with the Lyft ride-sharing service with ease. Lyft offers you a variety of vehicles to travel on. You can hire a car, bike, or cycle based on your requirement and comfort.

If you are going to use this regularly and you want a faster service you can opt for a membership plan. If you own a vehicle and want to earn from it, you can drive for Lyft. The portal will offer exclusive offers and discounts for its members. Apart from the ride-sharing option, Lyft also allows you to rent self-driving vehicles.

Features of Lyft : Lyft Review 2023

Lyft is a flexible online ride-sharing service with unique abilities. Learning about it will make it easy to use the portal.

Lyft App

You can use the Lyft service from its official website. For ease of usage Lyft is available as a mobile app for all smart device users. The Lyft driver app and the Lyft rider app are functional.

Comprehensive Sharing Plans

You can choose the ideal scheme from the variety of sharing plan choices available in Lyft. The regular lift allows 4-passenger rides, a Lyft plus plan with 6 passengers rides, and a Lyft Line plan for sharing a ride with unknown persons.


In the Lyft app interface, you can view a real-time map showing your location and the availability of Lyft vehicles around your area. You can define the pickup and Drop destinations for your ride on the map itself.

Lyft Driver App Features

A dedicated Lyft app is available for drivers. The driver can set the destination filter to customize the traveling direction of the ride you will receive. The earnings tab of the app will allow drivers to check their weekly earnings.

●    Referral Tab for Lyft drivers

Drivers can earn additional income by referring to drivers or passengers. A separate choice is available in the portal for referring drivers. Thanks to the referral tab of the app.

●    Referral Tab for Passengers

You can recommend new passengers for the Lyft ridesharing service to earn some additional cash. The Lyft app has a separate tab for referring people to the service with a Lyft codes.

●    Ride History for passengers

Now you can view your traveling tracks on the Lyft passenger app. All your riding history and payment records can be viewed through this choice.

●    Smart Payment options for passengers

The Lyft app allows you to customize your payment options. Now you can add payment options, and customize the existing payment choice from the app itself. Lyft offers you a secured payment portal for all your financial transactions.

●    Assistance

In cases when you need some assistance with your rides, the Lyft app can help you out with its intelligent Lyft Customer service  choice. The existing articles on sites can answer all your questions.

●    Auto-arrive

Passengers will get notified of the arrival of the vehicle as it reaches the pickup point. Drivers have to enable this choice in their login.

●    Voice Input and Commute alert

Passengers can now input in the Lyft portal using a voice input option. No need to use the tiresome typing strategy. Once you enter the pickup and destination points, you can view the price ranges and traffic conditions for your trip. The Lyft commute alert can help you in this regard.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) : Lyft Review 2023

  1. How much do Lyft drivers make? 

A Lyft driver can earn pretty much based on the trips he goes on. On average, a Lyft driver can get $30,719 per year with full-time work. It can be split to $15.20 in an hour.

  1. How to delete a Lyft account? 

You can close your Lyft account permanently by availing assistance from Lyft support.

Step 1:  Access the Lyft support page.

Step 2: Input your name, email address, and your phone number when prompted.

Step 3: Fill in the subject field as “Delete my Account”

Step 4: Under the ” What can we help you with ” choice select the profile and account settings.

Step 5: Choose the “Delete my account or unsubscribe” option.

Step 6: Opt for Delete my account choice.  

  1. How to cancel a Lyft ride? 

You can cancel your ride at any time from your Lyft account.  

Step 1: Access the Lyft app or website.

Step 2: Go to the ride page and choose to edit your ride option.

Step 3: Select the cancel your ride option. 

  1. How old do you have to be to drive Lyft? 

To start earning money by working as a Lyft driver, you should have completed 21 years of age. This age may vary according to the region. On an average the minimum age requirement will be from 21 to 25.

Pricing : Lyft Review 2023

  • Lyft Pink membership will cost you $9.99 per month. This plan is available only for US residents.
  • Lyft Pink all membership is available at $199 per year.

Pros and cons : Lyft Review 2023

Apart from the superior abilities of the Lyft ride service it has few down sides. Brace yourself to explore the positive and negative aspects of Lyft.

Pros: Lyft Review 2023

  • Multi device compatibility
  • Reliable and safe rides
  • Variety of vehicle choices
  • Different ride options
  • Lyft business option for moving packages

Cons: Lyft Review 2023

  • Not available globally
  • Cannot provide fare estimates

Conclusion & takeaways : Lyft Review 2023

In the current fast-paced world, we may need to avail of ride sharing services many times. Lyft is an intelligent online ride sharing service provider. You can select a variety of traveling choices from the portal. This post will educate you on the abilities of the Lyft service.  We believe that the insights provided can help you use this service effectively.

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