MailChimp Review 2022 : Best marketing tool

MailChimp Review 2022

What is Mailchimp?

Do you want to expand your business horizons with effective marketing? A dedicated online platform can help you in this regard. Choosing an intelligent marketing portal can drive potential clients to your business. MailChimp is the one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. With superior contact management practices, Mailchimp can enhance your business’s success. The portal can expose your product to capable clients and help you manage and retain them with ease.

MailChimp Review 2022

The all-in-one marketing tool can automate your business activities, and perform creative email marketing campaigns. MailChimp can help you in building your business and boost its progress. The portal will assist you in choosing a better domain, scheduling your appointments, building online stores, and creating engaging websites. MailChimp can offer you a no-cost business website with integrated marketing utilities. It may be hard to believe but by using Mailchimp marketing platform you can create an intelligent website with attractive features at free of cost. We can integrate Mailchimp with Mix for achieving better marketing outcomes.

MailChimp Features : MailChimp Review 2022

MailChimp is the intelligent portal for helping you with all your marketing activities and customer management activities.


MailChimp can automate your entire marketing campaigns with ease. It may allow you to save more of your precious time. You can use this time to plan your marketing strategy, and methods for communication. The portal uses user insights to decide on the automation pattern.

Sign-up Forms

You can reach your customers and gather insights about them with efficient sign-up forms. Mail chimps will allow you to personalize these forms and to tweak it as per your wish. Adding a logo to your custom form or including a social media handle on your form are all easy with the Mailchimp platform.

Contact Integration

MailChimp will facilitate you to blend your mobile contacts with the Mailchimp account.  This can help you decide upon the scheduling and marketing campaigns. The seamless integration of your contact information can assist you in planning clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is identified to be a successful marketing strategy. You can send marketing mails to all your subscribers or to a particular group of people by grouping your contacts. You can segregate your members according to their geographical location, or based on their activities.


For any successful marketing strategy, user insights are very essential. You can analyze the outcomes of your marketing strategy via email opening, clicking, and replying insights. The reports are easy to understand and can be accessed anytime from your dashboard. You can view the reports from any device and you may share them with your team members for fine-tuning your marketing strategy.

Device Compatibility

The ease of usage of any online service is dependent on its device compatibility. You can access the Mailchimp online marketing platform from any of your devices. The portal can be accessed from your PC or Laptop as well as from Android or iOS devices.

Email designer

MailChimp is capable of crafting your marketing emails with engaging content. The platform can design your emails based on the insights and reports acquired from user activities. Email templates can be useful in crafting mail marketing content with comfort.

Social Media Integration

Social media activities are equally important in acquiring potential clients for your business. MailChimp can intelligently integrate with social media platforms to promote your ad campaigns.

MailChimp Vs Hubspot

MailChimp can create an attractive landing page using templates. The Mailchimp templates are customizable like that of hubspot.

Hubspot creates all its marketing tools over the CRM and you can control it with ease. The marketing CRM of Mailchimp is built with tags and segments that can allow you to maintain your contacts.

Hubspot is available with best automation abilities and Mailchimp will automate the marketing with the aid of emails.

Pros and Cons : MailChimp Review 2022

MailChimp is an effective tool for automating your marketing campaign. The portal has more perks and a few downsides to explore.


  • Engaging email templates
  • Supports a variety of email types
  • Superior A/B testing ability
  • Intuitive interface and easy to use.
  • No need for coding knowledge
  • Artificial intelligence-enabled campaign strategies
  • Efficient in identifying potential clients
  • Capable of creating superior reports
  • Integrated marketing hub
  • Intelligent Mailchimp careers page.
  • Capability to integrate Mailchimp with squarespace.


  • Automation sometimes lags in its functionality
  • Poor ability to manage your mailing list
  • No affiliate market support

Pricing : MailChimp Review 2022

MailChimp has a variety of pricing plans for you. You can choose the one suitable for you.

Free plan:

You can enjoy the basic plan of Mailchimp for free. The no-cost plan will allow you to use multichannel tools.

Essentials plan:

The essential plan will allow you to access some advanced features for a cost of $11 per month.

Standard Plan:

If you want to automate your marketing campaign, you have to opt for the standard plan. The plan is available at the cost of $17 per month.

Premium Plan:

The premium plan is best suitable for professional users who may seek advanced options. You can avail of this plan at $ 199 per month.

Faqs : MailChimp Review 2022

  1. What does clean mean in MailChimp?

Cleaned means that the email sent to a particular contact is hard-bounced or several emails sent to the address were soft-bounced. Hard bounce are emails that failed to send due to technical errors. Whereas the softbound emails will not be visible in the mailbox due to insufficient memory.

  1. What is a Mailchimp campaign?

A marketing message that is sent through email is called a campaign.  The bulk email campaign in Mailchimp is the regular email sent to multiple contacts at a time. Campaigns are crafted based on the extracts of market research.

  1. Mailchimp how to import contacts?

MailChimp will allow users to import contacts to the utility interface. You can do it with the following tweaks.

Step 1: Select the audience option available in the Mailchimp portal.

Step 2:  Avail of the Audience dashboard choice.

Step 3: Choose the audience you want to work with.

Step 4: Select the “Manage audience” option.

Step 5: Choose the import contacts choice in the drop-down menu.

Step 6: Select the ” Import from other services” option. If you have contacts saved in a CSV file, you can choose to upload them.

Step 7: Continue the option and click the “Add” choice.

Step 8: Select “Done” after connecting with the other app.

Now Mailchimp will import contacts from the app automatically.

  1. How to use Mailchimp?

To start using Mailchimp, you have to sign in with the portal. You have to enter your name and email id to register with the Mailchimp login. Just activate your account by clicking the confirmation mail received to start using the platform. After creating your account you can start crafting your marketing emails, customize your sign-up forms, and create marketing campaigns.

  1. Is Mailchimp legit?

MailChimp is a 100% legit platform for online marketing. The portal is safe and secure. It can keep your business data protected.

  1. What’s MailChimp used for?

Businesses can use Mailchimp to craft their marketing campaigns, manage their contacts, and acquire marketing insights and reports. It can help you in acquiring potential clients and in retaining them with ease. You can automate your marketing campaign, personalize content for targeted clients, and tweak your marketing emails comfortably with the extended abilities of Mailchimp.

Conclusion : 

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy suitable for businesses of all scales. Exploring the features and abilities of the platform can help you in using it effectively. This post is a detailed brief of all the advantageous aspects of Mailchimp’s online marketing platform. We reckon that this brief can enhance your knowledge about the marketing portal. Go through the post and benefit your business with the intelligent Mailchimp marketing utility.

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