Notion Review 2022 : Features with pros and cons

Notion Review 2022 :

Managing your day and allocating time according is not the kind of the practice we as normal person might consider doing but for an athlete or an entrepreneur time is money they think and compare their time with same importance as that of any multi national company would do. They plan their day before head and then allocate their next day accordingly . Planning their day before hand helps them to allocate time properly and do things that are important in long run but they don’t do it by themselves , they have managers who manage a day ahead for them so they can maximize the profit out of the day.

Hiring a manager is quite expensive and not much possible for middle class people and managing our own time by ourself is itself a challenge a normal human with regular job just don’t have energy and time to list down his priorities and perform their day accordingly most of our day is not managed and we do anything that comes to our mind without thinking about its impact.

Notion Review 2022

This is where Notion can help us. Notion is an Android and IOS supported application that can help you planning your task , taking your day to day notes , help you create reading List and also can create a Kanban board at the same time which you can use and change the status of the day. Basically Notion can act as your personal assistant and we know that there might be multiple apps at the same time but creating a Kanban board and this kind of UI wont be available in Notion.

Features of Notion : Notion Review 2022 

Quick Note :

Many times if your friends , your manager might ask you to take quick notes of certain things and if you are away from your laptop or computer mobile is the next best thing to take a quick note. In Notion there is an option where you can take quick note. By Clicking on the + icon user can enter a title and description of your note

Notion Review 2022

Task List :

Creating Task list is some what similar to creating to do list inside Notion. While Creating a task inside notion it usually asks you to first add the title to your task lets consider my task is to complete my home work so I’m going to give a title of complete my homework.

Notion review 2022

And then I’m going to add the status of the task as to do  so that my task that needs to be done have a status linked to it and i can change it as per as need in order to track my status.Notion review 2022

Same way another user can add property as per as their need and can also add comment to the task list. We can also change the status of our task as per as our need.

Writing Journal :

Many people love to maintain journal to note down their daily activities and maintaining normal copy back journal is kind of risky and have higher chances of loosing the copy of journal . Writing your journal is possible using notion and as the login is possible using email your journal can be accessed from any device or any laptop anywhere.

Adding Quick Text:

Some times we usually have our application of notion open but we want to add a quick note and then select the category even at such times notion is life savior where just clicking on a button we can add a note and then we can change that whether its a task, quick note or either is journal point.

You can add quick note using below Icon :

notion review 2022


Recycle Bin :

Human errors are most common type of errors there are much higher chances that we click on button which we actually shouldn’t have but we do it by mistake like clicking on delete button. Number of times rather than clicking on some other button we might by mistake click on delete button.

This is where recycle bin helps our life and notion has inbuilt recycle bin which stores any tasks, journals or notes which can be further recovered . By clicking on trash button we can go to the recycle bin of the app and can recover any thing we need .

Notion review 2022


Notion Pricing Plan :

There are numerous version available of notion application and each version has different pricing plan and they are as follow as :


personal plan of notion is 100% free where only individual can access this application which includes unlimited pages and blocks and provides with sync across devices. This can be considered as starter pack of notion for individual.

Personal Pro

Personal pro is a bit higher version of personal in which it provides 30 days version history with unlimited guest and will cost you around $4 per month which actually will be billed annually.


Under Team version you can collaborate with your entire team with sharing permission which can be granted as per as need and admin tools . Team version might cost you around $8 per month which is again going to be charged annually


Under Enterprise version one might need to connect with their sales team which provides advance security tools and controls and Dedicated success manager. The price will be decided by contacting their sales team.

Notion Alternatives :

Every tool and software’s has competitors in that particular market , notion is a great software but if you need an alternative to notion they are as follows :

  • NTask
  • Nuclino
  • Tettra
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Confluence

Pros of Using Notion 

  • Saves Time
  • Available with Kanban board
  • Can track tasks, write Quick Notes and Journal aswell
  • Recycle Bin Available

Cons of Using Notion 

  • Setup is time consuming for team collaboration
  • Difficult to understand
  • Exporting to pdf and other version is not available

Is Notion Good app ?

Notion is a great app its almost free for personal use so now a normal person can manage its time as same as that of any company . hence notion is good app and helped us to save and manage our day to day activity.



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