Robokiller review 2022 : Latest review

Robokiller review 2022:

The heart of any business is nothing but sell. Anything any company is and whatever is the revenue of the company is due to the deals that they have cracked , because sell is what defines the success of product or any company. Now Selling of any products has various factors and various parts included in which one of the most major is marketing . Marketing is nothing but making people aware of your product or either service .

Marketing can be video based which includes creating any creative video and sharing within audience, another is image based marketing where any banner of image is created which is further articulated within people to gather their attention and finally make a sell. One of the prominent way of doing marketing is sonic marketing where we trade mark any sound for any brand and finally it becomes the sound of their brand . All these forms of marketing are quite fine and understandable but there is one more way of doing marketing which is telemarketing.

Robokiller review 2022

Now in telemarketing any bot any person from company calls you and share the details of their product/Company with you. Now the problem with this kind of marketing is that it takes away the time from their listener and include some more attention as compared to above form of marketing. This is the only reason that every customer is tired of these telemarketing calls and these telemarketing company have acquired different phone number where they call from and also assign bots for the call which has become quite frustrating for all the customers.

This is where Robokiller comes into picture which helps to stop all kind of bot calls from any telemarketing company its not 100% effective but at least at certain stage its working fine.

Feature of robokiller : Robokiller review 2022

1) Answering RoboCall Via robokiller:

robokiller is an application which answers all the robocall which are related to telemarketing or any other services which basically are considered annoying to any person as its taking to much amount of attention and time from the end user.
This answers to a person can be recorded by end user so that they sound legit to the telemarketing calls.

2)Neighbor Spoof Blocking :

As per as statistic you are more likely to pickup calls from number which are similiar or identical to your phone number. This trick is often used by telemarketing companies in order to increase the chances of you picking up their call. Neighbor Spoof Blocking finds out number which are most similiar to yours which are called by telemarketing and as these calls get frequent we usually tend to block these calls and finally enough data is available which can help block such calls further

3)Setup of app is Easy :

App of robokiller is very easy as compared to other apps which comes under the same segments . Robokiller is even available in android mobiles along with IOS and the setup is even easy in both of the systems.

Enabling the Features in IOS includes following steps :

  1.  Open the app and go to setting icon
  2.  Follow all the steps suggested by robokiller app.
  3.  Once the setup of the app is completed user can setup and customize the app as per as their convenience.

4) User friendly UI :

App very straight forwardly shows which of the calls are spams or either blocked calls and also allows you to check which ans are replied by your bot.

Robokiller review 2022 : Most Asked Questions

How does robokiller works ?

Well robokiller is a pretty simple app to understand which will take the calls which are most frequent and marked as spam and adds it to the database . Now once they have been added to the database all the phone numbers which are quite similiar are marked as spam further and are blocked as well in future. This is how robokiller stops robocalls and save people from wasting time. The working of robokiller almost works same as that of true caller which collects the daat from user whether these user are marked as spam or not along with their name and display the same on the screen.

Is robokiller free ?

Robokiller is free just for 7 days which can be considered as 7 day trail but over the time it charges some amount which is about $3.99 per month and for the whole year robokiller charges around $29.99.

Is robokiller worth it ?

The Success rate of robokiller is truly not that high , its able to block around 50% of the calls but not all of them and one of the most biggest reason is that robokiller does not have enough database with time and more spam calls robokiller will have more and more data leading to higher accuracy and higher success rate.

How to deactivate robokiller ?

Deactivating the robokiller app is quite simpler . Just follow the below steps to deactivate robokiller:

  1. Open the app and go to the settings of the app.
  2. Click on Help & Support and choose Deactivate This Phone.

how to remove robokiller from iPhone ?

It can become annoying some times while using too many apps as it might include multiple application. You can easily remover robokiller from iphone just by following the below steps :

  1. Click on the app logo and hold it for some time.
  2. You will get the option to remove app.
  3. Click on remove app.

robokiller reviews : Robokiller review 2022

while using this app for such a longer time and also speaking to my friends who are using this app we have realized that robokiller works only 50% of the time in which if we have 8 robo calls in a day only 3 or 5 are blocked and the rest of them are not blocked. The reason mostly might be the data available with robo killer team and along with time they will be able to block around 90% of the robo call.

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