Salesforce Review 2022 : New Features with pros and cons

Salesforce Review 2022 :

We today are living in a society which is highly startup’s oriented. Any one jumping out of the college wants to start their own company because of easy startup eco-system. Now many companies through this times have raises huge amount of money and some how managed to enter into unicorn startup’s league. Companies have started developing their own products or either they are providing service to the client but one of the most important task for every company whether small or large is how they manage their customer’s data.

Salesforce Review 2022

This is where CRM software’s saves time for these small scales companies and even multi-national companies there are multiple online Customer relationship management tools are available online and salesforce is one of the best platform. In 2022 the market of Customer relationship management has raised to 57.83 billion dollars  and salesforce accounts around 23.8 percent of the total market share.

Salesforce with multiple features was started in 3rd February 1999 by marc Benioff who was an ex Oracle executive and have grew this company to 50 billion dollar. Salesforce Tower is located in san Francisco, California and also has their employee in different part of the world.

Salesforce Modes : Salesforce Review 2022

Salesforce who has multi tenant architecture has 2 modes that it can be operated and these 2 are :

Lightning Mode : 

Lightning mode is the latest mode available in salesforce which was released in 2015 and has a great user interface as compared to another classic version.  You can easily switch to Classic from Lightning by clicking on Avatar icon at the right top and then clicking on switch to classic link.

Classic Mode :

Classic mode is the mode where salesforce looks a bit boring but its most fastest mode and most compatible as its the older one. You can easily switch to Lightning from classic by clicking on Avatar icon at the right top and then clicking on switch to Lightning link.

Salesforce Features : Salesforce Review 2022

Profiles :

Suppose you have a particular set of user who can only see the page and cannot edit and record , this is where we can assign all such user under a profile. Profile defines what user can do . All types of permission as per as needed can be provided to any profile.

Permission Set :

Suppose you have 2 people within the same profile in salesforce and you want one of the person out of 2 to get some kind of extra access this is where Permission Set can be used. Permission Set can be assigned to specific user , and multiple user at the same time.

Multitenant Architecture :

Salesforce runs on a shared space this means all the user using salesforce have same space utilized and hence any kind of misuse of the space can lead to problem.

Governor Limits :

As discussed above salesforce is a Multitenant Architecture hence any kind of misuse by any user might affect the performance for almost all the user. Hence salesforce imposes governor limits which imposes set of restrictions to avoid any misuse of the resource.

Standard & Custom Objects :

Objects are somewhat like database including rows and columns inside salesforce. Objects are used in order to store the data respective to the business scenario , so if you want to create a system for school in that case you need to have two objects school and students to full fill the requirement and solve the use case. Standard objects are the objects provided by the salesforce and similarly there are custom objects as well which are created by end user and can be deleted.

Salesforce Flows :

Most of the time salesforce is used to automate the functionality with just a button click. So if any user wants to automate the functionality to create or edit the record on button click in such cases  salesforce flow is very powerful tool there are many time of salesforce flows and most probably used are as follows :

  • Salesforce Screen flow
  • Record Trigger flow
  • Field Service Lightning Flow
  • Autolaunched flow

appexchange salesforce :

salesforce has its own market place where user can install application in their org and can use it further. Salesforce appexchange is somewhat similar to playstore or apple store where we can buy paid/free apps as per need. Conga template is one of the application installed frequently from appexchange salesforce.

salesforce inbox :

Salesforce Inbox helps us to predict the notifications hence people can stay ready at all times and should be available will all the data to solve the questions . It has further features like automatic data captures and scheduling features which will surely help you to close more deals.

Most Asked Questions : Salesforce Review 2022

How Can you be Salesforce Partner and start your own salesforce company ?

In Order to start your own salesforce company you must have at least 5 basic license from salesforce and hence you can be considered the salesforce partner.

What is Carrier path in Salesforce ?

Salesforce has multiple paths and one of them is salesforce admin. salesforce admin jobs are most versatile and helps you get started with salesforce easily. Incase if you want more challenging job , salesforce developer jobs are also available with bit of complexity and highly challenging.

what is workflow in salesforce ?

WorkFlow is an automation tool available in salesforce with the help of which user can automate the process. As of 2022 workflow is obsolete and will be discontinued in future.

salesforce what is a lead ?

Lead is a standard object available in salesforce. Its used in order to meet the business scenario where user wants to manage the lead and their customer.

Pros and Cons of Salesforce : Salesforce Review 2022

Pros of Salesforce :

  1. Highly versatile
  2. multiple automation tools available
  3. Number 1 CRM in the world
  4. Can make changes as per as required
  5. Provides Point and  click functionality

Cons of Salesforce :

  1. Multi Tenant Architecture adds governor rule
  2. difficult to understand
  3. Need to learn separate language like apex, aura and lwc.

Conclusion : Salesforce Review 2022

Salesforce is highly dynamic cloud based CRM available online with ability to solve problem right from the small scale and large scale and learning salesforce is quite safe as there is very high demand of salesforce developer in market.

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