TextNow Review 2022 : How to recover text now account ?

TextNow Review 2022

Tired of huge phone bills? Do you want to use a smart calling solution? Then the TextNow app can help you. Now you can use your mobile data or wifi connection to contact your friends and relatives with ease. TextNow application can assist you in managing your calls and text messages and offers you a smart solution to connect with people world wide.

With more than 100 million users, the Textnow platform can offer you superior quality free calling and text service. The platform will assign you a virtual phone number to connect with people. You can also use your own phone number for making calls via wifi. Initially the Textnow service uses a Voice over Internet Protocol app that can assign you a US phone number to make calls.

TextNow Review 2022

TextNow depends on Sprint’s CDMA network for offering mobile service. But prominently the application focuses on Wifi based networks for providing voice and text services. You can use the TextNow app if you are residing in the USA or Canada. The software will enable us to make unlimited calls and texts at free of cost.

The app will allow you to assign a distinct ringtone to each user. You can also avail off call forwarding option while using the TextNow app. The mobile software will help you send text messages through your Wifi connection. With the extreme functionality of the app you will be able to send Gifs, Stickers, and Emojis.

Features : TextNow Review 2022

The TextNow application has some exhilarating abilities that are worth exploring. Brace yourself to have a glimpse of the supreme functionalities of the portal.


You can use the TextNow app in your Smartphone as well as PC. A dedicated Android and iOS app is available for you to make use of the tool from your smartphone as a TextNow free download. Also, you can use the calling platform on your PC through the online portal.

App Interface

TextNow application will engage users with its simple and intuitive app interface. All the options and features are handy and easy to access in the home page of the software itself. Anyone can use the app with technical expertise. All these factors make the platform super-simple and intuitive.

International Calls

TextNow will allow you to make calls and send texts inside the United States and Canada for no cost with Textnow free US phone number. However, for making international calls, you may have to pay. TextNow is offering an overseas calling option at $0.10 per minute. You can avoid paying money for making international calls by watching ads and finishing offer tasks.

Group Chat

Group texting enables other people to participate in your chats. You may add two or more persons to the same discussion thread on TextNow and communicate with them all at once.


You may personalize Textnow by changing the wallpaper and background color. The default TextNow purple background color may be changed to any of the other colors on the list, and you can also select a wallpaper from your own photo library.


The TextNow app is capable of communicating in ways other than plain text. Users may add excitement to chatting by sending emojis, images/videos, drawings, animated stickers, and GIFs depending on the device (iOS or Android).


You can select from a number of TextNow options, with prices ranging from free to $27.99 per month. Only residents of the United States may use the Nationwide Talk & Text service, however it provides free roaming throughout Canada and Mexico. Utilizing the Nationwide Network, this service requires a suitable SIM card.

Text messages and voice calls can be made and received using this service without a Wi-Fi or data connection. All users of the Wi-Fi Talk and Text service must have access to a Wi-Fi or data connection in order to place and receive voice calls or send and receive text messages.

Wi-Fi Talk and Text: Free

Wi-Fi Talk and Text Ad free: $9.99

Nationwide Talk and Text (With Ads): Free

Nationwide Talk and Text (Ad free): $9.99

Nationwide Talk and Text (With 1GB Add on): $8.99

Nationwide Talk and Text (With 2GB, 3GB, or 5GB Add-on): $15.99 for 2G data and $19.99 for 3G data and $27.99 for 5G data

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) : TextNow Review 2022

  1. How to change TextNow number?

Change Textnow number : TextNow Review 2022

Step 1: On your TextNow phone, launch the TextNow app.

Step 2: The Settings icon may be accessed by tapping the Menu button in the top left corner of the programme.

Step 3: Click Account.

Step 4: Select the TextNow Number.

Step 5: In the upper right corner, click the menu button (three vertical dots).

Step 6: To finalize the adjustment, tap Release Number.


  1. How to delete a textnow account?

You can delete the TextNow account from your application interface itself. Accessing the My Account section can help you in doing it. “My Account” can be accessed by tapping the main menu in the top left corner. Tap the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner after that. opted to close your account.


  1. How to find out who a textnow number belongs to?

Step 1: Open the Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup website to start your search for the owner of a TextNow number.

Step 2: You should now input the TextNow number you want to identify into the TextNow number lookup tool.

Step 3: Await the results of the TextNow Number Lookup. It could take the TextNow number search tool three to five minutes to gather all the information associated with the TextNow number.

Step 4: The TextNow reverse lookup tool will take you to a page with all the information about the TextNow number you looked for once it has finished gathering all the data.


  1. How to recover a TextNow account without email?

The user should contact the TextNow account service provider or customer support staff for assistance if he is unable to access his email account. To regain his account, they can confirm his username and email address.


  1. How to track a TextNow number?

You can trace a TextNow number as per the privacy policy of the application. However you can use a dedicated reverse phone lookup app like BeenVerified reverse phone lookup software to trace down a TextNow number.

Conclusion & takeaways : TextNow Review 2022

Nowadays communication is evolving to a greater extent with the evolution in technology. Each one of us is seeking a smart way to communicate with others at an affordable cost. TextNow is an intelligent app that can allow us to make calls for free. We have briefed the engaging attributes of the applications for you. We hope you will be able to understand the abilities of the tool from this brief.

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