Web Stories on Google review 2022 : how does it works ?

Web Stories on Google review 2022 :

Web Stories is a web-based feature by Google in the format of “Stories”. Previously Web stories were known as AMP stories. The stories are in the form of video, audio, images, animation and text to create a dynamic content consumption experience.

Web Stories on Google review 2022

It is tap based visual experience that a person can explore content at their own pace by tapping through it, or by swiping through one piece of content to the next.

Content creators can use the web stories feature to host and own their content by creating stories without any coding.

Enable Web Stories : Web Stories on Google review 2022

Here’s how web stories can be enabled on Google:

  1. Create the web story
  2. Confirm if the web story is a valid AMP
  3. Validate the metadata.
  4. Check if indexing is present on Web-story.
  5. Follow the Content Policies of Web story

Web Stories appearing across Google : Web Stories on Google review 2022

  1. Google Discover

Web stories can be viewed on Android and iOS on Google Discover in the carousel form near the top of the feed in mobile device. The carousel for now can be viewed in the countries like Brazil, United States of America and India. Few examples of carousel categories included Fitness, Lifestyle, Design, Beauty, Entertainment Celebrities, Opinion and Wellness.

Single Card on Google Discover: Single part of Google Discover feed where Web stories can happen. This type of appearance is available in English in the US.

  1. Google Search

web stories can be comprehended in a grid view in google search. For example, When someone searches for “Things to do in Bangalore”, the grid view shows Web Stories from various publishers. If someone searches for a particular publisher, the grid view shows Web stories from that particular publisher’s site.  The grid view appearance is available in English in the US.

Single result on Google search : Web Stories can be display as a solo result on Google Search. This appearance is available in all regions and languages where Google Search is available.

  1. Google images

Web Stories emerge in Google Images as an image card with the icon of Web Stories. This appearance can be availed in all regions and languages where Google Search is available. For example, if someone has searched for Italy, all the images regarding Italy will be appearing in the Italy section.

How to create a Google web story?

Creating content via this Google platform brings various advantages for business like sharing engaging and unique brand story with the fellow audience, driving the audience traffic you have from one page to another enhancing engagement with interactive elements. Interactive elements include poll, vote option etc. This also has capacity to monetize and generate revenue. As the stories get loaded quite rapidly, its pretty easy to grab and maintain attention of audience .


  1. Sketch the narrative that you have.

The first step is to sketch the narrative and have it drafted. There’s a Storyboard script template created by Google, use it to draft your Web story narrative.

2.Select an editor

Once the final draft has been created, you need to pick the editor that you will use to create your story. If you are into development using your development skills, a tutorial can be followed which will enlighten you through the process of Creating a Webs Story with customized functionality.

  1. Create your own Web story

Once the editor has been chosen one, start building your web story.

4.Test your Web story before actually publishing

Final and most crucial step is to enable Web story on Google. This needs it getting tested with various tools.

  • Test if the Web Story if it is AMP valid by using AMP test tool or AMP Test Validator.
  • Check if the story can be indexed by Google using the Sitemaps Report and URL Inspection Tool.
  • Check if your story renders appropriately for different devices with Chrome Developer Tools.

Best Practices:

There are certain our best practices for creating Web Stories. It is recommended to focus on the critical task first. If you’ve enough time then it is recommended to follow the best practices.

  1. Focus more on video than the text. Google Stories encourages the video first. It does favors audio, images and animations as that act very significant in creating an impact.

Conclusion : Web Stories on Google review 2022

In Case any user loves to read any stories or any thing just using image web stories is the best tool that can be used and also can be used as a great source of audience to your website or applications.

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